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The Ultimate in Paint Protection


Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, acts like liquid glass when applied to vehicle exteriors, forming a chemically bonded protective layer on factory paint surfaces. It contains ceramic nanoparticles, enhancing hardness and durability.


This clear, liquid nano-ceramic solution can be applied in multiple layers, transforming into a durable, rigid, yet flexible glass shield upon curing. It functions as an extra clear coat, offering three times the hardness and incorporating self-cleaning capabilities.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your Vehicle

Ceramic coatings form a long-lasting protective barrier on the vehicle's paint, guarding against UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and road salt. They significantly extend paint life, with durability exceeding traditional wax or sealant.


Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic surface that repels water and liquids, making cleaning easier and reducing the chances of water spots. This property also repels environmental contaminates.


Ceramic coatings can enhance the vehicle's gloss and provide a deep, reflective shine. They can make the paint appear more vibrant and can give the car a "wet" look.


While ceramic coatings can provide some resistance to light scratches and swirl marks, they are not a substitute for paint protection films (PPF) when it comes to preventing rock chips and heavy scratches.

For a higher level of protection it is recommended to install a combination of Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Fim.


Wheels & Caliper Coating

Ceramic coating for your wheels and calipers offers numerous advantages, including enhanced aesthetics, protection against environmental damage, simplified cleaning, long-lasting durability, resistance to brake dust, heat resistance, preservation of resale value, and long-term cost savings.


A "wheels-off" ceramic coating service is a thorough and specialized process that involves removing the vehicle's wheels before applying a ceramic coating to them. This service typically includes the following steps:

  • Wheel removal

  • Detail Wheel

  • Surface Preparation

  • Ceramic coating application

  • Curing

  • Quality inspection


Ceramic Coating Plans & Aftercare

All Packages Include:

  • Exterior wash

  • Stage 1 paint correction (removal of light swirls and imperfections)

  • Paint surface decontamination

  • Prep surface for ceramic coating installation

  • Application of ceramic coating to all exterior paint, trim, and wheel faces

  • Warranty for protection levels 2 years +

  • Submitted to CarFax

*Pricing listed is based on small/midsize vehicle starting packages and varies according to the vehicle's make, model, and condition.  

*Schedule a free in-person consultation for accurate pricing 

1 - Year            $600+

3 - Year            $1000+

5 - Year            $1,700+

7 - Year            $2000+

Ceramic Coating Protection Levels

4 - Year            $1,500 +

7 - Year            $2,200 +

9  - Year           $2,600 +

Graphene Protection (Higher grade ceramic)

Ceramic wash, interior,  door jambs, complete wheels & tire cleaning,  light paint  correction, ceramic booster


$225  - Every 90 Days

$800 -  Prepaid

(4 services/YR)

Aftercare Plus Plan

(every 90 days)

Ceramic wash, door jambs cleaned, complete wheel & tire cleaning, interior wipe down and vacuum

$70 - Monthly

$380 - Prepaid for 6 Months

Aftercare Basic Plan


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