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Meet "OG Detailer"


Claude Harris Jr.

"OG Detailer"


30+ Years in the Detail Industry

Claude Harris Jr, is the owner-operator of Final Appearance Detailing & Protection, located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. A car enthusiast at heart, has inspired his passion for transforming automobiles into rolling works of art.  In 1992 he took the leap and turned this passion into a business, initially working on family member cars.


Now three decades later, he is known as “OG Detailer” having worked on prestigious award-winning hot rods, classics, and custom builds. As well as taking on the role and responsibility of mentor to many up-and-coming Detailers.


He has been featured on the popular TV show “Competition Ready”, has received the honor of being International Detailers Association (IDA) “2019 Detailer of The Year”, and was featured in Hot Rod Magazine April 2022. If asked what has sustained him in business, all these years his answer is simply “Always remain teachable”. 

Featured Publications

HOTROD Magazine April 2022 Issue

Competition Ready TV Show

HOTROD Magazine April 2022 Issue

Awards & Affiliations

Award Winning | Nickel Roadster

Award Winning | Mullolland Speedster

Certified Installer

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