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Protect Your Investment with Premium  Ceramic Coating Services

Servicing Los Angeles County

Specializing in everything from Daily Drivers

to Hotrods


Paint protection film offers an invisible shield for your vehicle, defending it from rock chips, scratches, and road debris, while preserving its pristine appearance.


Paint correction is a meticulous process that restores a car's paintwork by removing imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation, resulting in a smooth and glossy finish.



Our matte finishing service expertly cleans, conditions, and protects sensitive matte finishes, ensuring they maintain their unique texture and appearance.

Auto detailing is more than just a car wash; it's a  process that involves deep cleaning, restoration, and meticulous attention to detail to transform your vehicle's look and feel.

Prepare your car to be award-winning ready with our specialized show car prep detail.

Servicing Los Angeles & Orange Counties

Highly Secured, Climate Controlled


Conveniently Located at:

13610 Imperial Hwy, STE 5

Santa Fe Springs, CA (Directions)

Tel: 562.607.3026

Open Monday - Saturday

*By Appointment Only

Experience You Can Trust




30+ Years In The Detail Industry 

Claude Harris Jr, is the owner-operator of Final Appearance Detailing & Protection, located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. A car enthusiast at heart, has inspired his passion for transforming automobiles into rolling works of art.  In 1992 he took the leap and turned this passion into a business, initially working on family member cars. Now three decades later, he is known as “OG Detailer” having worked on prestigious award-winning hot rods, classics, and custom builds. As well as taking on the role and responsibility of mentor to many up-and-coming Detailers.


He has been featured on the popular TV show “Competition Ready”, has received the honor of being International Detailers Association (IDA) “2019 Detailer of The Year”, and was featured in Hot Rod Magazine April 2022. If asked what has sustained him in business, all these years his answer is simply “Always remain teachable”. 



What Our Clients Say About Us

Couldn't be more happier. 2011 Lexus before was so weathered, just to much for me to make better. Claude Harris Jr flexed it beyond our expectations. He put his magic to work, now the fine ride is like better than it ever was before. I highly recommend Final Appearance. Thank you so much Claude Harris Jr. Much Love. Bill n Terry ♥️

Bill P.

Recently took my brand new 2020 Honda Civic Type R in to get ceramic coated by Claude. My man has such a passion for detailing cars and is super knowledgeable. I felt comfortable leaving my car with Claude because I knew from the get go he was a stand up guy and really friendly. Makes you feel like family.

He also left my car in PERFECT condition. I mean the car was already shiny it being only 1 day out of the dealership. But once Claude was done with it, it looked 5 times cleaner than when it left the dealership!

I'd give more stars if I could. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Erick L.

I MUST SAY!!! "I'm extremely happy.. better yet, I'm ecstatic with Final Appearance Detailing's work on my Mercedes CLS."

I've lived in the area for more than 10 years and been several places that couldn't match 1/4 of OG's quality and attention to detail and I'm glad I found them.

I didn't even want to drive the car after... wanted to put on showroom floor. Yeah! I never In a million years thought that my paint could be restored (it's black) BUT!! OG most definitely knows what he's doing and is worth the cost. He specializes in car-show quality work for daily driven rides.

Webzr M.

Claude has given me so much information when it comes to car care and appearances. He's a veteran in the game and he has a true passion for cars. Not only will he take excellent care of your vehicle, but he'll also educate you on how to maintain the appearance in between visits. Highly recommended.

Charles R.

30+ Years of Craftsmanship and Expertise in Every Project


Secured Coating Studio



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Monday - Saturday

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